Workers meeting

Saturday, May 21st, at 16 pm
at the Municipio of Marghera


Contract workers,

in this site [Fincantieri Marghera] and in many other factories, for many years workloads and working hours have become increasingly heavy, while wages have stopped growing or have started to decline. The bosses and the owner-operators have become every day more arrogant, demanding to trample on the rights and dignity of workers. But so far the fear of losing their jobs and the complicity of CGIL, CISL and UIL with companies have slowed the struggle, which is the only means that the workers have to assert their needs.

However, there are some exceptions [vai alla versione italiana e bangla, o alla versione in romeno]

There are struggles in the logistics sector, where many immigrant workers are organized with the SI-Cobas. There are struggles in factories FCA-Fiat Termoli and Melfi through the initiative of the opposition delegates FIOM and Sevel of Atessa and initiative of delegates of Slai-Cobas and USB’s. There are some important struggles in France, Greece and other countries. Something is happening …

We must prevent these outbreaks are isolated and suffocated, giving solidarity to those who have not bowed to the threats and blackmail of employers. We must take their mobilisations as an example and widen the front of the struggle. Only in this way, with a new leading role of workers, with the closest unity between Italian workers and immigrant workers, we can get out of the difficult situation in which we are.

No illusion is no longer possible with regard to the union bureaucracies, including that of the FIOM, which are increasingly subservient to the dictates of the bosses. We have to count exclusively on our own strength, and put on the agenda the creation of coordinating bodies and committees of struggle which unite us in order to better defend ourselves and prepare the comeback.

We will discuss about these issues with Domenico De Stradis, FIOM’s representative at FCA Melfi, Stefania Fantauzzi, FIOM’s representative at FCA Termoli, Bekkal Karim, representative of SI-Cobas Bologna, and other representatives of the ‘Il sindacato è un’altra cosa’. The meeting is Saturday, May 21, at 16 pm, at the Municipio of Marghera. Come along!

Comitato di sostegno ai lavoratori Fincantieri



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