G-7/G-20 in Venice: the great farce of “global fiscal justice”

The male and female bosses of finance and major powers around the world have chosen the stage of Venice to play the farce of “global tax justice”.

We are talking about farce because it is the same powers (IMF, central banks, OECD, G-7 governments) that for 50 years have changed the tax legislation of all countries to reduce the taxation of agricultural, real estate, industrial, commercial, financial capital, and creating the conditions whereby the larger, more global and speculative businesses are, the less taxes they pay. They have allowed also the so-called “tax havens”, allowing multinational corporations to make you “disappear” every year a little thing like 250 billion in profits – and increasing exponentially, everywhere, the state debt.

Now these male and female bosses are playing the part of the “repentant”, setting up – for 2023 or 2024 – a “super tax” on multinationals of 15%. In Italy a worker, a secretary, a bus driver pays at least 23% of their wages in Irpef (tax on personal income), and the average total levy on their wages is around 43%. The “supertax” (?!?) on Amazon, Google, Stellantis, Pfizer, Luxottica, Eni, Benetton, FedEx, etc. instead, it would be 15%… but – beware – only if their profits exceed 10% of turnover. So Amazon has said it is safe, and specialists in tax avoidance and evasion (so as Tremonti, ex-minister of economy) are at work everywhere to minimize the damage, if indeed the tax were to be introduced.

The farce has a target: male and female workers who sweat their lives, and have to face a present and a future that is increasingly full of precariousness, uncertainties and sacrifices. The great powers, who know that they are increasingly delegitimized by repetitive crises, by the criminal management of the pandemic (which has capitalist origins in all its aspects), by the unprecedented polarization of social wealth, are trying to recover ground with this shameless staging: they, the guardians, the servants of the capitalists, disguise themselves today – oh yes! – as passionate lovers of “social justice”.

That it is a farce is also proved by the tax program of the Draghi government made of the abolition of IRAP (in favor of companies), easing the levy on financial income (in favor of the gnomes of finance), no changes to the land registry (great gift to building owners). And if by chance the farce does not succeed in taking the public for a ride, down a beating with the state and private police forces.

Young people, workers, workers of the “tide”,

the story of the global tax authorities that for 50 years has been detaxing parasites of all reams, and burdening those who earn their living with their work with tax burdens, is only one aspect of a social system which is leading us towards a chain of ecological, health, economic, social, war (just think of the 70 years of ruthless war against the Palestinians) disasters, of which we are only seeing the first signs.

We will not be able to stop this course of global capitalism with petitions, appeals, prayers that the G-7 and the G-20 become wise and just, changing their nature and function. The only possibility we have is to organize ourselves, to fight together, without fear, against the great powers responsible for the exploitation of human labor, wars, the plundering of nature, pollution, all forms of social inequality, racism, and taking the fight to the end. Either they win, or we win: there is no third way. And the next appointment here in Italy is the great general strike against the bosses, the Draghi government and the European Union, in the autumn!

Standing Committee against wars and racism
piazza Radaelli 3, Marghera


It was not an accident: Adil was killed in the name of profit! – SI Cobas

Adil Lives in Our Heart

This morning, during the national logistics strike, Adil Belakhdim, our coordinator for Novara and a member of the National Coordination of SI Cobas, was killed by a truck that broke a picket line in front of Lidl warehouse at Biandrate (Novara).

The picket, consisting of a few dozen workers, was hit by a criminal driver, who at the sight of the picket did not hesitate to press the accelerator, first running over two workers who barely managed to save themselves and who are now hospitalized, and then running over our comrade, and fleeing.

Adil was married with two young children. After working at Tnt for years, he chose to return to his country and start a business. Things didn’t go as he had planned, so he came back to Italy and became active in the SI Cobas.

It was he who gave his commitment in Novara to build a provincial coordination, working on daily basis to develop SI Cobas in the Novara area. Comrades from other cities heard his words at the last national coordination, urging the struggle and the participation in tomorrow’s demonstration in Rome. Two years ago, when SI Cobas met Morocco’s largest union representatives, he participated in the delegation and generously hosted us at his home.

Although still incredulous and appalled by this tragedy, we can not silence our anger for a death that cannot in any way be dismissed as a simple accident (as some media presented it at first), nor as the simple action of a lone madman!

Adil’s murder is in fact the culmination of an escalation of organized violence against Si Cobas, which has been going on for months and is now without limits.

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SI Cobas coordinator of Novara, Adil Belakhdim has been murdered while on the strike picket line. This is a collective crime of the bosses and the Draghi government – TIR

This morning, during the strike at Lidl in Biandrate, a truck driver broke the picket line of the workers on strike, running over and crushing under the wheels of the truck, Adil Belakdim, the SI Cobas coordinator of Novara.

The behavior of the truck driver was criminal, as it had been that of the truck driver who years ago in Piacenza ran over Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf, a worker of the Usb, in very similar circumstances. It would be too easy, however, to blame an individual for this murder. The killing of Adil Belakdim is a collective crime that directly involves the bosses of logistics – with FedEx at the head –, all the employers, the Draghi government.

This killing calls into play the bosses of logistics, because, with FedEx playing the leading role once held by Marchionne’s Fiat / FCA, they seem to be willing to launch a frontal attack on the immigrant proletariat working in the logistics sector; the very same proletariat that in a decade long cycle of struggles led by the SI Cobas has been able to inflict important (although not definitive) blows to the mafia-like system of contracts and sub-contracts, conquering levels of wages, working hours, a long-time-denied freedom of organization in the workplace, respect for their dignity – a mafia-like system, which is the weapon through which multinational companies super-exploit worker labor (not only in logistics: think of Fincantieri, world record holder in the use of sub-contracts), imposing levels of precariousness, of intensity of work and of working hours, so devastating that within 10-15 years they end up wearing out and breaking the muscles and bodies of many workers; all of this in exchange for wages that were often, until recent times, below the subsistence levels.

These employers (with the US FedEx in the lead), who have been working for some time to build and put into action their private squads against workers’ strikes, have blood on their hands.

But it is not just about the emplyers in the logistics sector.

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May Day 2021 (Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency)

Italian proletarians and immigrants: let us unite to fight back the attack of bosses and Draghi government!

Proletarians around the world: let us unite to end it all, fighting an increasingly chaotic, ferocious and unsustainable capitalism!

On this first of May, a theme dominates everything: capitalism is getting more and more chaotic, ferocious, unsustainable. It is not us, its irreducible enemies, who claim this: hard facts clearly lay it out. Capitalism has staged a horrific show all across the world plunging us into a pandemic crisis that has already taken three million lives and will likely mark the start of an era of pandemics. Behind Covid-19 is an ecological catastrophe that is rapidly worsening under the pressure of the capitalist exploitation of natural habitats. The pandemic and ecological disaster has triggered the outbreak of a global economic crisis that, both in the Global South and in Europe and the USA, has already pushed hundreds of millions of people into unemployment and poverty.

In this context of health and economic chaos, the competition among powers has intensified both at world level, between the United States, China and the EU, and at regional level. War expenses, indeed the most harmful expenses, are skyrocketing. The stinging stench of upcoming wars can clearly be smelled and the war on emigrants, refugees and asylum seekers has not even temporarily stopped.

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Alle origini del Covid-19: Agrindustria ed epidemie. Intervista a R. Wallace

Sabato 17 aprile (con apertura alle 9.30) l’Assemblea delle lavoratrici e dei lavoratori combattivi terrà un’importante iniziativa di contro-informazione, denuncia e organizzazione della lotta in difesa della salute delle masse sfruttate e della vita, a fronte di un capitalismo che si manifesta sempre più come necro-capitalismo, per dirla con i compagni sud-americani. L’intervento introduttivo – dedicato alle cause di questa pandemia – sarà tenuto da Rob Wallace, autore di due studi, Big Farms Make Big Flu e Dead Epidemiologists: on the Origins of Covid-19, giustamente considerati dei riferimenti necessari per inquadrare le cause strutturali della catena di epidemie con cui si è aperto il ventunesimo secolo. Per questa ragione riproponiamo qui una sua intervista (pubblicata in questo blog il 16 marzo scorso), nella quale punta il dito, con la grande competenza che gli è propria, sul ruolo centrale svolto dall’agrindustria nella produzione e nella diffusione dei virus – senza che questo voglia significare farne l’alfa e l’omega della scienza biologica e (tanto meno) sociale in questa questione, o fare nostre alcune sue vere e proprie ingenuità in materia politica.


Postato il

Riprendiamo da ZNetItaly un’intervista rilasciata dal biologo evoluzionista R. Wallace, a Yaak Pabst sulla gravita’ e sulla genesi della pandemia covid-19. Le ricerche di Wallace, in particolare Big Farms Make Big Flu, sono un’importante fonte dell’analisi del gruppo Chuǎng, di cui abbiamo tradotto e pubblicato Contagio sociale. Queste ricerche fanno luce sulle cause strutturali delle recenti epidemie e dell’attuale pandemia: fanno risalire lo sciame di virus che hanno imperversato nelle ultime decadi, covid-19 incluso, alla devastazione ambientale e agli allevamenti intensivi, all’agribusiness, in altre parole. Wallace tocca anche le questioni dello smantellamento dei sistemi sanitari, delle restrizioni in regime di quarantena come sperimentazione in vitro di nuove forme di controllo sociale, e della necessita’, vitale, di smantellare l’agrindustria.

Fonte: Znetitaly – Lo spirito della resistenza è vivo; l’intervista e’ stata a sua volta ripresa dalla piattaforma Marx 21 (11 marzo 2020), e tradotta da Giuseppe Volpe.

Versione scaricabile in formato .pdf

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Quanto è pericoloso il nuovo coronavirus?

Rob Wallace: Dipende da dove ci si trova nella tempistica della propria epidemia locale di Covid-19: all’inizio, al picco, tardi? Quanto è buona la reazione della sanità pubblica della propria regione? A quale segmento demografico si appartiene? Quanti anni si hanno? Si è immunologicamente compromessi? E per considerare una possibilità non diagnosticabile: la propria immunogenetica, la genetica alla base della propria reazione immunitaria, è in linea con il virus o no?

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