The Dirty Dragon Hunt

Against the anti-Chinese trade, diplomatic, political, ideological and military campaign

Thirty years after the celebration of the end of the Cold War and the beginning of a new American century, are we in the midst of a new Cold War? Yes and no, in that it could also become a hot war …

The climate of international relations has already been shaped for several years by the growing confrontation between the USA and China, by which American imperialism is trying to contain and block the rise of the Chinese power with economic, diplomatic and military weapons.

We denounce the initiatives of economic warfare carried out by the various Western imperialism against China, whether they are aimed at hitting the Chinese economy, and its trade or at preventing access to the most advanced technologies, and the outright military provocations by the United States and its allies, which are not just threats but military preparations for a possible war against China.

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On the October, 9 neo-fascist assault to the CGIL in Rome – Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency

1. Unlike the vulgate publicized by the democratic (or state) anti-fascism, the protest which took place on Saturday 9th October in Rome has two aspects that do not coincide: the neo-fascist attack on the headquarters of the CGIL and the large crowd of protesters.

There is no doubt that the attack was ordered in advance. Whether it was so by Forza Nuova alone or not, the crucial thing is that the headquarters of the CGIL were those to be attacked, and not those of Confindustria or those of the government, the two powers that wanted and imposed the “green pass”.

But the political plan that led them in this direction goes far beyond what concerns the pandemic and the opposition to the “green pass”. Forza Nuova, Casa Pound and other groups of the neo-fascist area, each with its own peculiarities, aim to gather support, frame and drive in a reactionary sense those social components (including proletarian ones) that the global crisis in which we find ourselves into has beaten and thrown into disarray, filling them not only with fear of the present and the times to come, but also with resentments towards those who have long since abandoned and betrayed them. The scoundrels who lead these groups label as “betrayers” the CGIL leaders – this sounds very quaint; however that expression is ultimately aimed at discrediting “communism” and the trade unionist organization of the workers themselves as such (although CGIL no longer has anything to do with this), in order to accredit other ideals (theirs) and other forms of “sociality” (popular-national).

Actually, it is not something new for the “fascism of the third millennium” to wrap itself in “social” clothes. Golden Dawn grew up handing out meals to destitute people. In Rome, as in other cities, the forces of the far right have for some time been looking for new recruits in the suburbs and among the dispossessed. It must be acknowledged that it was able to intercept the widespread discontent that the capitalist management of the pandemic and the implementation of the “green pass” created first among restaurateurs and traders, then among certain layers of proletarians. These people’s actions are not those of people taking stabs in the dark. Nor should their international connections be underestimated, since the black International, with its epicenter in the United States in the mighty Trumpian universe, is anything but an ephemeral phenomenon.

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Per la piena riuscita dello sciopero generale dell’11 ottobre, e oltre – Tendenza internazionalista rivoluzionaria (italiano, arabo, inglese)

Questo è il testo del volantino della Tendenza internazionalista rivoluzionaria distribuito ieri a Bologna, in italiano e in arabo, all’assemblea indetta dal SI Cobas in preparazione dello sciopero generale dell’11 ottobre. Piu’ sotto potete trovare il testo in lingua araba e inglese.

Lo sciopero generale dell’11 ottobre, indetto unitariamente dalla quasi totalità del sindacalismo di base, ci dimostra che è possibile costruire un fronte di lotta sempre più ampio contro il governo Draghi e il padronato.

Ma la cosa più importante per noi è che il segnale di riscossa di questo sciopero arrivi, al di là del sindacalismo di base, alla grande massa dei lavoratori tuttora iscritti a Cgil, Cisl, Uil e ai tanti giovani precari non sindacalizzati che, anche se oggi sono fermi e disorientati, saranno costretti a reagire all’arroganza padronale sui luoghi di lavoro e ai colpi del governo e dell’Unione europea.

A questo sciopero è stato possibile arrivare solo per la grande spinta di lotta che è venuta negli ultimi dieci anni dai facchini della logistica e dai proletari di altri settori organizzati con il SI Cobas e, più di recente, dalla battaglia in campo aperto contro i licenziamenti che è costata denunce, arresti, fogli di via e l’uccisione di Adil Belakhdim.

Mano a mano che il governo ha sbloccato i licenziamenti, altri gruppi di operai hanno manifestato la volontà di resistere, alla Gkn, alla Whirpool, all’Alitalia, alla Embraco, etc., ma è fondamentale che queste resistenze, invece di restare isolate le une dalle altre, si uniscano in un solo grande movimento di lotta contro i licenziamenti, in un unico “tavolo di trattativa” con il governo – per imporre con la forza della mobilitazione di piazza la difesa dei posti di lavoro, il salario operaio medio garantito per tutti i licenziati, la riduzione generale e drastica degli orari di lavoro.

Spesso a colpirci con i licenziamenti sono grandi gruppi multinazionali o società finanziarie, quali FedEx, Melrose (a Gkn), Stellantis (in Fca), e questo ci obbliga a fare tutto il possibile per tessere rapporti di collaborazione e di organizzazione unitaria con i nostri fratelli di classe degli altri paesi per opporre alle forze del capitale globale la globalizzazione delle lotte e dell’organizzazione di classe.

Siamo entrati da anni in un ciclo di crisi capitalistiche economiche, finanziarie, sanitarie, ecologiche e dell’ordine internazionale che rendono il futuro sempre più pieno di incognite e minaccioso. La pandemia da Covid-19 è un anticipo di questo futuro. Ed è per questo che i lavoratori combattivi sono chiamati oggi a confrontarsi con l’insieme delle contraddizioni esplosive di un sistema sociale – il capitalismo – sempre più distruttivo delle forze vive del lavoro e della natura.

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May Day 2021 (Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency)

Italian proletarians and immigrants: let us unite to fight back the attack of bosses and Draghi government!

Proletarians around the world: let us unite to end it all, fighting an increasingly chaotic, ferocious and unsustainable capitalism!

On this first of May, a theme dominates everything: capitalism is getting more and more chaotic, ferocious, unsustainable. It is not us, its irreducible enemies, who claim this: hard facts clearly lay it out. Capitalism has staged a horrific show all across the world plunging us into a pandemic crisis that has already taken three million lives and will likely mark the start of an era of pandemics. Behind Covid-19 is an ecological catastrophe that is rapidly worsening under the pressure of the capitalist exploitation of natural habitats. The pandemic and ecological disaster has triggered the outbreak of a global economic crisis that, both in the Global South and in Europe and the USA, has already pushed hundreds of millions of people into unemployment and poverty.

In this context of health and economic chaos, the competition among powers has intensified both at world level, between the United States, China and the EU, and at regional level. War expenses, indeed the most harmful expenses, are skyrocketing. The stinging stench of upcoming wars can clearly be smelled and the war on emigrants, refugees and asylum seekers has not even temporarily stopped.

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Lebanon. Statement of the Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency

Against the Western vultures, who are trying to profit from the Lebanese tragedy.

Full support to the uprising mass movement, which has overthrown the Diab government and wants to put an end to the sectarian regime.

The terrible explosions of August 4 plunged Lebanon, already overwhelmed by a devastating economic crisis, into tragedy. Whether it was a criminal Israeli attack, as it is possible, or mere criminal negligence on the part of the Lebanese authorities, one thing is certain: from the instant after the explosions, the Western vultures rushed to Beirut to feast on its mourning. One for all, Emmanuel Macron, representing the old French colonial power and the other Western powers longing to bring Lebanon back under their rule. The lightning international conference set up by Macron together with Messrs Trump, Michel (for the EU), Conte for Italy, Sanchez for Spain, the IMF, the World Bank, that is the top external robbers of Lebanese wealth, ended with a diktat: we give you 250 million euros, but you must immediately make the “reforms” we tell you, sell off what is left of Lebanon and privatize/’liberalize’ everything. On the geo-political level, this initiative, of which Israel is an integral part, also tends to marginalize Hezbollah and sap the Syria-Iran-Russia axis.

But on the field, in Lebanon, there also is another player: the rebel mass movement which burst out last year on the 17th of October. It is back to demonstrate in these days for the “revolution” with an intensified anger by attacking the seats of government and of the banking power, and from the streets it has finally imposed the resignation of Diab’s “corrupt and incapable” government. Once again the international movement of the oppressed and exploited masses of the Arab world has shown the whole world its will, its ability to fight against its governments and regimes, and calls us to the unconditional support and counter-information needed to counter the distorted and warping visions of the events unfolding in Lebanon and throughout the region.

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