May Day 2021 (Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency)

Italian proletarians and immigrants: let us unite to fight back the attack of bosses and Draghi government!

Proletarians around the world: let us unite to end it all, fighting an increasingly chaotic, ferocious and unsustainable capitalism!

On this first of May, a theme dominates everything: capitalism is getting more and more chaotic, ferocious, unsustainable. It is not us, its irreducible enemies, who claim this: hard facts clearly lay it out. Capitalism has staged a horrific show all across the world plunging us into a pandemic crisis that has already taken three million lives and will likely mark the start of an era of pandemics. Behind Covid-19 is an ecological catastrophe that is rapidly worsening under the pressure of the capitalist exploitation of natural habitats. The pandemic and ecological disaster has triggered the outbreak of a global economic crisis that, both in the Global South and in Europe and the USA, has already pushed hundreds of millions of people into unemployment and poverty.

In this context of health and economic chaos, the competition among powers has intensified both at world level, between the United States, China and the EU, and at regional level. War expenses, indeed the most harmful expenses, are skyrocketing. The stinging stench of upcoming wars can clearly be smelled and the war on emigrants, refugees and asylum seekers has not even temporarily stopped.

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No to public debt. Yes to a 10% wealth tax on the richest 10%. Where to get the resources, and how to use them (TIR)

These days, large numbers are flying around like confetti. They are not confetti, but bills falling due. Bills that all those who must work to live will be obliged to honor, if they do not react and fight organized to impose their immediate and prospective solution to the huge crisis in which we have fallen.

Take the latest official issue given by the Conte-2 government: 440 billion euros of new public debt to be added to the 2,443 billions as of January 2020. For the EU as a whole, we talk about many trillions of euros, as for the United States. Therefore, the Italian state has decided to increase immeasurably its debt with its internal and foreign creditors. Those are banks, insurance companies, investment funds, the richest 10% of the population made up of large and medium-large capitalists, managers, landlords, rentiers, crime bosses (it is estimated that they have 25% of Treasury bonds in their hands), high ministry bureaucrats, generals, show business and sports stars, descendants of noble families, etc. – in short, the crème of social parasitism, people accustomed to sucking the blood of wage workers in automatic, without even getting their mouths dirty.

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