Lebanon. Statement of the Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency

Against the Western vultures, who are trying to profit from the Lebanese tragedy.

Full support to the uprising mass movement, which has overthrown the Diab government and wants to put an end to the sectarian regime.

The terrible explosions of August 4 plunged Lebanon, already overwhelmed by a devastating economic crisis, into tragedy. Whether it was a criminal Israeli attack, as it is possible, or mere criminal negligence on the part of the Lebanese authorities, one thing is certain: from the instant after the explosions, the Western vultures rushed to Beirut to feast on its mourning. One for all, Emmanuel Macron, representing the old French colonial power and the other Western powers longing to bring Lebanon back under their rule. The lightning international conference set up by Macron together with Messrs Trump, Michel (for the EU), Conte for Italy, Sanchez for Spain, the IMF, the World Bank, that is the top external robbers of Lebanese wealth, ended with a diktat: we give you 250 million euros, but you must immediately make the “reforms” we tell you, sell off what is left of Lebanon and privatize/’liberalize’ everything. On the geo-political level, this initiative, of which Israel is an integral part, also tends to marginalize Hezbollah and sap the Syria-Iran-Russia axis.

But on the field, in Lebanon, there also is another player: the rebel mass movement which burst out last year on the 17th of October. It is back to demonstrate in these days for the “revolution” with an intensified anger by attacking the seats of government and of the banking power, and from the streets it has finally imposed the resignation of Diab’s “corrupt and incapable” government. Once again the international movement of the oppressed and exploited masses of the Arab world has shown the whole world its will, its ability to fight against its governments and regimes, and calls us to the unconditional support and counter-information needed to counter the distorted and warping visions of the events unfolding in Lebanon and throughout the region.

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